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NeoEngress Backlight System

F/A-18C Backlit Knobs & Button Caps Pack

Product Description

With the exception of the OXY FLOW knob with is CNC milled from solid metal, the rest are all molded with light-conducting material around metal inserts. Translucent markings are applied on layers of opaque paint. The surface finish is harded for extended period of usage. The inserts come in either 1/4" or 1/8" holes, double deck buttons have different inserts. Same knobs are used in our full cockpits. Allen keys and set screws are offered with all the knobs. 

Push button caps are also molded out of translucent material, painted and marked with the same process as the knobs. The surface finish is harded for extended period of usage. Same button caps are used on our proprietary keypads with dome switches, which offer much more realistic haptic feel than most micro tactile buttons. 

List of Knobs And Button Caps

Total number of knobs: 47

Total number of push buttons / rockers: 96

  1. OXY FLOW Knob (CNC metal) 1 PCE

  2. UFC Potentiometer Knob (small) 3 PCS 

  3. HUD Control Panel Potentiometer Knob (small) 2 PCS

  4. HUD Control Panel Potentiometer Knob (large) 2 PCS

  5. MDI Selector Knob (small) 2 PCS

  6. MDI Potentiometer Knob (small) 4 PCS

  7. HMD Potentiometer Knob (small) 1 PCE

  8. VID REC Panel IFEI Potentiometer Knob (small) 1 PCE

  9. AMPCD Potentiometer Knob (small) 1 PCE

  10. Selective Jettison Knob & Button 1 PCE

  11. AL-76 Potentiometer Knob (small) 2 PCS

  12. AL-76 Selector Knob (small) 1 PCE

  13. ICMCP ECM Knob (large) 1 PCE

  14. Formation & Position Potentiometer Knob (large) 2 PCS

  15. Rudder Trim Knob (outer) 1 PCE

  16. VOL Potentiometer Knob (small) 8 PCS

  17. ILS Channel Selector Knob (large) 1 PCE

  18. ECS Panel Temp Knob (double deck) 1 PCE

  19. ECS Panel Bleed Air Knob (double deck) 1 PCE

  20. INTR LT Panel Potentiometer Knob (large) 5 PCS

  21. SNSR Panel Selector Knob (large) 2 PCS

  22. KY-58 Potentiometer Knob (small) 1 PCE

  23. KY-58 Selector Knob (large) 3 PCS

  24. UFC Push Button Cap 19 PCS

  25. A/P Panel Push Button Cap 7 PCS

  26. LHS & RHS MDI Bezel OSB Cap 40 PCS

  27. AMPCD Bezel OSB Cap 20 PCS

  28. AMPCD Bezel Rocker Cap 4 PCS

  29. IFEI Keypad Push Button Cap 6 PCS

Split Packages

Ordering Information

Inquiries on splitting packages are also welcome although it is beyond our capabilities to offer them in a more separated way for now.


Your input helps us prioritize future productions. We take advantage of professional manufacturing facilities to guarantee the quality of our products, it initially takes high volume productions to kick start a new product, but as more of them get sold and more inputs we gather over time, it may be possible to consume volume productions with relatively smaller but diversified purchases.


We keep a record of demands on split packages and will keep you posted when they become available in the future. 

Shipping charges to the Lower 48 states are included in the listed prices. Such cost may vary for other U.S territories and other parts of the world. 

Most products on our site would involve certain amount of customization, and manual confirmation is required by default. It is therefore only possible to place an order by contacting us. E-mail is highly recommended because it can be well archived for later reference. Alternatively, the "Contact Us" page provides a contact form which allows you to send us short messages without having to draft a mail. The "Request Order Info" button on this page also leads to the same contact form. 

For more information regarding price quotes, packing lists, ordering, lead time, shipping and payments, please contact us by mail. 

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