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We are open to inquiries regarding purchases of simulator products and demands of related professional services. 

All orders are processed manually because most products on our site would involve certain amount of customization. Manual confirmation is required to ensure service quality. E-mail is highly recommended because it can be well archived for later reference. You may click the "Write to us" button on the footer of any page to send us mails. This is the most reliable and recommended way of getting your message delivered to us. 

Alternatively, the following message form allows you to send us short messages without having to draft an email. Please make sure you leave us an inbox that can be reached. We've had instances where our replies got bounced back because the addresses were either not found, or not capable of receiving mail. Please name the product you are interested in because this form doesn't tell us which page you were viewing when you decided to request information. We typically reply within a few days. Please also feel free to reach us on our social media platforms. 

Thanks for reaching out to us!We will be with you soon. 

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