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NeoEngress Interface Solutions

Custom Development & Fabrication Services

Solution Details

*This page does not list any individual parts or modules in the cockpit for sale. The sample pictures are for technical demonstration purposes. We will expand the listing elsewhere if we decide to release parts separately in the future. 

We offer design and engineering services primarily in the following fields

Cockpit frameworks with integral/modular constructs for fixed/mobile installation

Panel mounting solutions from actual Dzus fastening systems to visually realistic replicas

Cockpit equipment replication & improvisation based on available resources

Simulated avionics equipment fonts, bezels, enclosures and internal features

Translucent backlit panels, knobs, buttons, etc.

Opaque panels, knobs, buttons and optional front/ambient illumination systems

Kinematics and mechanisms engineering with cockpit controls

Schematics design & PCB layout with analog/digital/power electronics hardware

Sub-millimeter ECAD-MCAD integration with compact structures

Programmable system firmware development

Optimization for ergonomics, user experience, cost, fabricability, maintainability, etc.

Our most frequently used materials cover the following

Metal (aluminum, steel, copper, titanium...)

Plastic polymers (PA, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PPS...) either in machinable solid chunks, tubes or thin sheets, woven fabrics form

Rubbers and foams (silicone, CR, EVA, EPDM, EPP...)

Silicates (silicate glass, optical glass, mineral glass...)

Composites (carbon, fiberglass)

We take advantage of industrial manufacturing processes to ensure quality and scalability of production. The list has expanded over the course of our past iterations and will keep on going.

CNC turning

CNC milling, 3,4 or more axes

Planar laser cutting, die cutting, EDM

Tubular 3D laser cutting, welding

Sheet metal bending, forming, stamping, welding, clinch nut/stud seeding

Channels, profile extrusion

Silicone casting, sand casting, wax casting, die casting...

Injection molding

Spray painting, baking finishes, powder coating...

Full seats and cockpits assembling

Bare board PCB manufacturing

PCBA assembling, testing and installation

Custom component assembling and testing

Please write to us if you are in need of our technical services with your projects. 

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