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NeoEngress Simulated Ejection Seat

Martin Baker SJU-17 Replica


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Price incl. S&H to the Lower 48 (USD)

SJU-17 NACES Replica - Kit


SJU-17 NACES Replica - Factory assembled


Product Description

This seat is compatible with simulator cockpits of F-14D Tomcat, F/A-18 Hornet and T-45 Goshawk. Full-metal construct of the seat ensures structural integrity and rigidity. All the metal parts have been anodized or powder baked with a hardened matte black finish. 

Attention has been paid to details such as decals on the electronic sequencer box and text on the data plates.

Harness retractor of the Martin Baker SJU-17 / MK14 ejection seat replica

The harness reels are built with spring loaded mechanism so both harnesses are retractable. 

All the handles are operable with linkages connected to them. The MANUAL OVERRIDE handle actuates a series of linkages which extends across the whole seat bucket. Details like operable sears have been replicated on cartridges for the EJECTION handle and MANUAL OVERRIDE handle. 

Digital model of the NeoEngress 
SJU-17/MK14 replica

Installation of this seat inside the cockpit has been made simple by mounting the seat's main assemly to a steel base in the back. The geometry of the base has been carfuly designed so the main beams' tilt angle and range of motion on the seat bucket match that of the original counterpart. 

Alternatively, the seat may be mounted to an add-on slide table with car rails so it is capable of moving forward and backward like seen in our cockpit demo video. 

By default, the seat has been produced with a vertical electric cylinder which adjusts the height of the seat bucket through the flip of a toggle switch. A second electric cylinder may be added to actuate the slide table for additional cost. 

The height adjustment cylinder is rated at 24V DC nominal voltage, and consumes a maximum continueous current of 3 Amps.


A 24V switched-mode power supply with a 5 Amps max capacity is recommended for running the single cylinder. 

A supply cable rated at 10 Amps with a three-prong plug is recommended for powering the PSU from the mains. Please check that the power socket itself is properly grounded before using the supply.

Switch mode DC power supply, 24V 5A rating

With the default configuration, all the handles are only connected to operable mechanical linkages without further functionalities. A few exterior parts like the drogue deployment catapult and bridle container are installed for basic aesthetics. 

With the USB add-on, switches are installed so the ejection cord & all the mechanical handles can trigger game controller inputs through a custom USB interface. 

We keep implementing improvements and new features. More upgrade kits will be released when available. 

Sub-assemblies And Parts

Inquiries on certain part or parts from whole products are also welcome although it is beyond our capabilities to offer them in a more separated way for now. 

Your input helps us prioritize future productions. We take advantage of professional manufacturing facilities to guarantee the quality of our products, it initially takes high volume productions to kick start a new product, but as more of them get sold and more inputs we gather over time, it may be possible to consume volume productions with relatively smaller but diversified purchases.


We keep a record of demands on smaller portions of products and we will keep you posted when they become available in the future. 

Ordering Information

Seat features such as base type, seat pan materials come in multiple options. 

The 24VDC power supply for the electric cylinder needs to be sourced separately. A local supplier nearby is highly suggested because they can provide much better follow-up technical services regarding this type of products. 

Shipping charges to the Lower 48 states are included in the listed prices. Such cost may vary for other U.S territories and other parts of the world. 

Most products on our site would involve certain amount of customization, and manual confirmation is required by default. It is therefore only possible to place an order by contacting us. E-mail is highly recommended because it can be well archived for later reference. Alternatively, the "Contact Us" page provides a contact form which allows you to send us short messages without having to draft a mail. The "Request Order Info" button on this page also leads to the same contact form. 

For more information regarding options, price quotes, packing lists, ordering, lead time, shipping and payments, please contact us by mail. 

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