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Return Policy

Read Before Purchase! 
High-end flight simulator hardware falls in a niche genre of merchandise and it often costs a lot to start producing them. A returned product is also less likely to be re-sold as soon as merchandise from other industries, putting more financial stress on the manufacturer. As a result, NeoEngress Simulations puts more effort in communicating with customers beforehand to minimize the chance of an unsatisfactory purchase. 

Nevertheless, we would try our best to protect your rights. It is important for you to read and fully understand the following policy before placing any orders. You will be shown this page before any purchase. By proceeding with an order, you agree to our RETURN POLICY. 

Resolve Problems First
An unsatisfactory purchase can normally be solved with more constructive solutions than a return. NeoEngress engineers will help customers identify the problem and provide solutions to help make things work before a return is inevitable. 


Unauthorized Returns No Acceptable
The customer must communicate with NeoEngress Simulations and reach an agreement on return conditions before sending back any products. Unauthorized return packages will be rejected and return deliveries will fail before reaching us. We won't be held liable for any losses directly or indirectly caused by unauthorized return attempts. 


What Would Constitute An Acceptable Return
Readily available products such as small, simple parts and accessories are returnable within 14 days after successful delivery. Full amount of the price is refundable upon reception and confirmation of the returned product in its original and intact conditions. Additional expenses including but not limited to transfer fees, shipping costs and taxes are not refundable. The customer has to cover the return shipping costs. 

Merchandise which require initiation payments are considered customized products and are generally not returnable, they typically include simulated ejection seats and cockpits. 

We do everything in our power at NeoEngress Simulations to achieve highest robustness with the smallest packages available. Fragile pieces are normally packed separately with additional protection. However, we still recommend shipping insured so that in rare cases where products still arrive damaged on the way, the loss gets compensated by the insurance. 


We reserve the right to make changes at any time to this Return Policy. However, an updated version of this Return Policy will be provided at the time of purchase for each product as a proof of agreed for that specific purchase.  We will notify you of any material changes to the Return Policy by posting the new Return Policy on the NeoEngress Site. Please consult this Return Policy again to learn the changesbefore placing any new orders. The date of the last revision appears at the bottom of this Return Policy. Your puchases made with NeoEngress Simulations following any changes to this Return Policy will signify your acceptance of the revised Return Policy. 

This Return Policy was last updated on 10 Oct, 2020.

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