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Product Policy

Product Fidelity and Non-Affiliation
We are dedicated to building simulation hardware up to highest levels of fidelity accessible by us. 

NeoEngress Simulations LLC produces visual representations of real-life aircraft related vehicles or features. NeoEngress is not affiliated in any way with the business entities (other companies) that produce such real-life products such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, et al, and NeoEngress does not produce under any license, or quality control from such other companies that may own the trademarks to such real-life products. All the designs, engineering, solutions, and production approaches implemented by NeoEngress are independent from any intellectual property owned by these other companies. NeoEngress does not adopt the same standards, procedures, codes of conduct, or other rules of operation as these other companies. The goods produced by NeoEngress do not conform to the same standards to which products from these other companies shall conform. The goods produced by NeoEngress shall not be used for similar purposes as the goods from these other companies. Any reference by NeoEngress made to such other companies' real-life products is only meant to describe the real-life product that is being replicated and is not intended to suggest the origin of NeoEngress' goods are related to such other companies. 

All references by NeoEngress Simulations to real-life vehicles and related assets are limited to our team’s understanding and acquisition of information through public channels including but not limited to internet search engines, open cloud servers and various digital/paper publications. Our engineers are responsible of cross-referencing all the legally gathered information and creating our own version of simulated designs based upon our understanding of how their real-life counterparts may and may not be operated. Our interest in building simulator hardware is mainly focused on visual fidelity and replicating functional results. NeoEngress Simulations does not knowingly possess or pursue the acquisition of controlled parts, physical materials or any form of classified information, digital, or printed. 

NeoEngress Simulations is open to demands of customized simulator products on the basis that no breaches of law or patent infringement should occur during the entire course of cooperation. All the information including reference materials and specs disclosed to NeoEngress Simulations must be free from any restriction or protection against NeoEngress’ access. NeoEngress Simulations will not be held liable for regulatory or legal violations by our customers and their affiliates. 

Use of NeoEngress Products
Products or parts of products from NeoEngress Simulations are built up to industrial standards and must only be used for their intended purposes. By default, NeoEngress products are not licensed or by any means endorsed by airworthiness administrations or military organizations, and must not be used where such credentials are required. Entertainment such as gaming, E-sports and VR experiencing is generally supported by design, provided the products are operated within defined specs and parameters. 

NeoEngress Simulations is willing to assist customers in the acquisition of additional certification if necessary and within our abilities. 

Operation of our products exceeding safe parameters is defined as unintended uses and may result in unpredictable consequences, such cases may include but are not limited to: 

  • Use with grid supply voltages outside of nominal supply parameters;

  • Use within environments with unshielded and excessive levels of EMI emissions;

  • Operations with protective shielding of our products removed, exposing sensitive internal components to potential ESD damages; 

  • Attempted access to protected core components of a product through disassembly of the product;

  • Use of products intended for fixed application in moving environments subject to excessive shocks and vibrations. 

  • Disassembly of protected or sealed enclosures. 

NeoEngress Simulations is not responsible for losses or damages resulting from uninteded uses. 

Customer Obligations
Despite our best efforts to make our products simple and intuitive to use or maintain, flight simulators in general are sophisticated equipment, and a fair amount of knowledge is required for the user to be able to use them and take full advantage of their features. 

It is recommended for customers to gain a basic understanding of using flight simulators before deciding to purchase them. 

There are electrically actuated moving parts inside some of our products such as simulated ejection seats. Other parts within simulator cockpits may also involve manual or automated moving parts. Our engineers do their best to remove dangerous pinch points around moving mechanisms, but it is impossible to completely eliminate all of such safety hazards without significantly sacrificing the level of fidelity. Potential pinch points will be marked either with labels on the actual parts or illustrated on product manuals. Therefore, it is the customer’s obligation to remain aware of and practice adequate safety precautions during the use of our products. More importantly, customers are required to keep NeoEngress products out of unsupervised children under the age of 13 at all times. Power supply to the products must be switched OFF when they are not being used. NeoEngress Simulations is not responsible for any consequences resulted from improper uses of our products. 


Limited Warranty
NeoEngress Simulations offer a one-year warranty for every product sold. Starting by the time of shipment departure with the proof of courier records. This warranty is not transferrable. 
Free repairs are provided within warranty for production defects or faults occurring during intended applications. NeoEngress Simulations reserves its right to refuse delivering free repairs in the event that damages from unintended uses have been diagnosed, or charge reasonable amount of repair fees in the case of void warranty. 

Development Plans

NeoEngress Simulations reserves the right to make changes to or discontinue product designs and lineups without prior notice. Warranty on sold products won’t be affected by these changes. And services will continue according to the agreements made upon each sale.


We reserve the right to make changes at any time to this Product Policy. However, a printed version of this Product Policy will be provided at the time of purchase for each product as a proof of agreed terms for that specific purchase.  We will notify you of any material changes to the Product Policy by posting the new Product Policy on the NeoEngress Site. Please consult this Product Policy again before placing any new orders to learn the changes. The date of the last revision appears at the bottom of this Product Policy. Your puchases made with NeoEngress Simulations following any changes to this Product Policy will signify your acceptance of the revised Product Policy. 

This Product Policy was last updated on 10 Oct, 2020.

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