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NeoEngress Simulated Ejection Seat

ACES II Replica for F-16 Simulators and more


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Seat Main Assembly



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Product Description

This seat is compatible with simulator cockpits of the F-16 and F-22 families. Two mutually incompatible mounting solutions are available. 

A mobile pedestal holds the seat at the correct angle when it's used alone either for gaming or put on display. The casters under the pedestal provide mobility over flat floors. A center post under each caster may be extended to raise the wheel off the floor, locking the seat in position to enable game play with rudder pedals. 

The ejection handle, seat arm handle, emergency chute handle and oxygen ring are part of the basic seat. The rest of the parts such as the ejection rollers, chute container, back pad and seat cushion, etc, are add-ons. 

When mounted on top of the pedestal, the seat height cannot be adjusted. 

Alternatively with a cockpit build, an ejection rail system is available for properly installing the seat inside a cockpit. A full set of ejection rollers and shafts are required for the seat to be restrained between the rails. 

The seat features a full metal construct, with stamped sheet metal properly joined together by rivets. All the handles are made operable with actual game controller inputs available for gameplay. The seat arm handle mechanically locks the ejection handle when flipped up, and it's only possible to pull out the ejection handle when the seat is armed. 

Major differences can be found between the ACES II and the SJU-17, the two are therefore offered in completely different packages. 

The main assembly as shown in the gallery includes the following features:

  • Full headrest assembly with plastic pads;

  • Seat pan with straps snapped on top;

  • Mechanically operable handles, no actual function;

  • Full set of decals;

  • Steel base mount. 

Unlike with the SJU-17 replica, the ACES II back cushion and seat cushion are not included in the main assembly. Consult the following list for items available as paid add-ons. 

    Functional Pack ($760)

  • Back cushion & seat cushion;

  • Mobile pedestal on heavy-duty casters

  • USB gaming interface add-on;

    Aesthetic Pack ($1,000 or $1,100, see *note below)

  • Hollow parachute container;

  • Ejection rail rollers;

  • Data recorder replica;

  • Oxygen cylinder replica;

  • Electrical/pneumatic routing and connectors;

  • Retractor, fabric straps and replicated buckles;

  • Rocket tube replica;

*Note: A-10/F-15 style chute containers come with pop-up chute containers, which cost $100 more than the F-16 style chute container with fixed pitot tubes. 

    Pit Builder Pack ($970)

  • Full ejection railing system.

  • Electric seat height adjustment system;

       Add-ons are only sold to NeoEngress ACES II buyers & owners at the moment;
       More add-ons coming soon, please write to us for more info; 

Sub-assemblies And Parts

Inquiries on certain part or parts from whole products are also welcome although it is beyond our capabilities to offer them in a more separated way for now. 

Your input helps us prioritize future productions. We take advantage of professional manufacturing facilities to guarantee the quality of our products, it initially takes high volume productions to kick start a new product, but as more of them get sold and more inputs we gather over time, it may be possible to consume volume productions with relatively smaller but diversified purchases.


We keep a record of demands on smaller portions of products and we will keep you posted when they become available in the future. 

Ordering Information

Seat features such as base type, seat pan materials come in multiple options. 

The 24VDC power supply for the electric cylinder needs to be sourced separately. 

Shipping charges to the Lower 48 states are included in the listed prices. Such cost may vary for other U.S territories and other parts of the world. 

Most products on our site would involve certain amount of customization, and manual confirmation is required by default. It is therefore only possible to place an order by contacting us. E-mail is highly recommended because it can be well archived for later reference. Alternatively, the "Contact Us" page provides a contact form which allows you to send us short messages without having to draft a mail. The "Request Order Info" button on this page also leads to the same contact form. 

For more information regarding options, price quotes, packing lists, ordering, lead time, shipping and payments, please contact us by mail. 

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