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NeoEngress Simulator Cockpit

F/A-18C Aluminum Cockpit Frame Kit


Accepting Orders


Price incl. S&H to the Lower 48 (USD)

Full Frame with Canopy Bow, no Windshield


Full Frame with Windshield Module


Product Description

This cockpit frame is offered for customers who wish to build on top of existing cockpit structures. It's the same frame used in our fully assembled cockpits. Compatibility with existing commercial throttle, stick and rudder controls is taken into consideration. Please specify which models of flight control hardware you intend to use while placing your order. 

Most parts are built from strong aviation grade aluminum sheets. Precisely cut and CNC bent or stamped into shape. Steel is used in places where additional strength is required. Parts are joined into sub assemblies with rivets and screws before they are bolted together as a rigid structure.


The frame is available with the same Navy gray finish found on our engineering prototype, which is achieved with a baked powder coating. Livery customization is supported, please specify what logos and callsign you'd prefer to put on the frame. 

Parts are pre-assembled into smaller modules, which can be joined together with regular fasteners out of the box. The package is shipped in a few crates. 

Ordering Information

Shipping charges to the Lower 48 states are included in the listed prices. Such cost may vary for other U.S territories and other parts of the world. 

Most products on our site would involve certain amount of customization, and manual confirmation is required by default. It is therefore only possible to place an order by contacting us. E-mail is highly recommended because it can be well archived for later reference. Alternatively, the "Contact Us" page provides a contact form which allows you to send us short messages without having to draft a mail. The "Request Order Info" button on this page also leads to the same contact form. 

For more information regarding options, customization, price quotes, packing lists, ordering, lead time, shipping and payments, please contact us by mail. 

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