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NeoEngress Simulations

High-Fidelity Combat Flight Simulator Developer & Manufacturer

Replica of Martin Baker SJU-17 or MK14 ejection seat
Ejection Seat
Flight simulator Parts
Individual modules of the F-18 simulator cockpit
Flight simulator cockpit
NeoEngress early version cockpit in action.


Flight simulator, modules, parts and services


Factory Assembled F/A-18C Hornet Simulator Cockpits

High fidelity appearance at 1:1 scale
Full metal construct with powder coated finish
Ease of entry into the crew station
Modular design, easy to pass through narrow space
Realistic buttons, switches and custom knobs
Realistic handle actuation mechanisms
HDMI hi-res MDI, AMPCD, IFEI & RWR displays
Functional indicators and mechanical gauges
Plug-n-play electronics as human interface controllers
Optional realistic flight controls with control-loading
Proprietary interfacing hardware and protocols
Easy to configure for simulator software
Customizable livery schemes

Custom Development & Fabrication Services

Integral/modular, fixed/mobile cockpit frameworks

Electronic hardware & firmware engineering

Electronic equipment enclosure ECAD-MCAD engineering
Simulated avionics fonts & bezels
Back/front illuminated panels, knobs, buttons, etc.

Customized human interface electronic components
Kinematics and mechanisms in cockpit controls
Textile product designs
Ergonomic designs

User experience optimizations
Assembly process & maintainability optimization


Simulated Martin Baker SJU-17 Ejection Seat 

Highly realistic appearance
Full aluminum, high strength structure with vertical rails Customized thermalplastic head rest
Stamped metal back pad & seat pan
Aviation grade sub-assembly process
Operable handle mechanism replicas
Operable straps and retractors

Fabric seat cushion and back cushion

Electrically actuated seat bucket height adjustment
Realistic decals and tags​

Paid upgrade with game controller electronics

Replica of Martin Baker SJU-17 or MK14 ejection seat

Martin Baker SJU-17 Style Office Chair

Inspired by the SJU-17 ejection seat

Multiple base options

Seat height adjustment mechanism on the base

Highly realistic seat bucket

Aluminum & steel structural parts

Custom made leather back cushion and seat cushion

Ejection cord can be stowed for easy access

Realistic decals and tags​

Replica of ACES II ejection seat for F-16 fighter jet

Simulated ACES II Ejection Seat for F-16 and more

Highly realistic appearance
All-metal high strength structures
Stamped complex metal features
High quality powder coated finish
Operable handles and ejection cord
Fabric seat cushion and back cushion
Realistic decals and tags
Optional add-ons with extended capabilities

Simulator cockpit frame for F/A-18 fighter attacker jet

F/A-18C Simulator Cockpit Aluminum Frame Kit

Full metal shell and frames for the entire cockpit

Full scale dimensions and high fidelity appearance
Glare shield and canopy bow included
CNC bent sheet aluminum/steel parts

CNC milled solid reinforcement blocks at critical joints
Aviation grade flush-riveted sub assemblies

Shipped in modules with all fasteners

Step-by-step instructions available

Optional canopy mirros, handles, indicator & compass mounting brackets

Hardened navy gray powder coating finish

Simulated ACES II Ejection Seat for A-10 and more

Highly realistic appearance
All-metal high strength structures
Stamped complex metal features
High quality powder coated finish
Operable handles and ejection cord
Fabric seat cushion and back cushion
Realistic decals and tags
Optional add-ons with extended capabilities

Replica of ACES II ejection seat for A-10 attack aircraft

F/A-18C Simulator Full Set of Backlit Panels

Full set of CNC milled translucent panels
Hardened paint with laser engraving
Hard-anodized aluminum backplates
Mounting screws resembling Dzus fasteners
Dimmable NVIS green backlight system for 5V supply

Enhanced optical design for even backlighting

Set of knobs and buttons for F-18 simulator cockpit

F/A-18C Backlit Knobs & Push Buttons Package

Molded translucent knobs with metal inserts and steel set screws

Molded translucent buttons for UFC, MDIs, AMPCD and IFEI keypad

Multi-layer paint and markings

Hardened protective finish

Enhanced optical design for even backlighting

Knobs compatible with standard electronic components


Random shares of product pictures or project updates

Our Capabilities

Diversified development and manufacturing resources

Wire frame illustration of an F-18 simulator landing gear handle

Mechanical Engineering

Working closely with manufacturing facilities, we’ve developed a solid understanding of diversified materials and processes. We reinvent every part in our simulators without the knowledge of their real-life counterparts. By only replicating the appearances and results, we can achieve impressive quality and equivalent functionality with more affordable industrial grade technologies.

Electronic Engineering

Aided by years of experiences in the semiconductor industry, we develop our own simulator electronics starting with choosing the best chip solution. The entire process from schematic design, PCB layout, firmware development to PCBA manufacturing and quality control is within our grip. We don't hesitate to try out emerging new techs and quickly adapt to them as long as they help us deliver more competitive products. 

Electronic engineering and fabrication capabilities
Mechanical engineering and fabrication capabilities

Prototyping & Manufacturing

We source from supply chains worldwide and ensure high quality builds by fabricating all parts with industrial automation. Rapid iterations can be achieved with an abondance of mechanical parts, electronic assemblies and customized electronic components.


Safe deliveries depend less upon the courier’s caution when the packaging has been designed properly. We ship worldwide and we carefully select packing solutions based on all the factors governing shipping costs. Extra monitoring measures are taken with the packages when necessary to minimize risk of damage. 

Customized packages shipping worldwide
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